Photograph taken by  Melissa Forsyth

Photograph taken by Melissa Forsyth

Sepie is a gifted technology expert with an extensive background in the Mac and Windows world. In his current role as an IT Systems Engineer at Discogs, he manages the Mac desktop and mobile infrastructure and environment. After earning his Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering from Virginia Commonwealth University, Sepie--a Northern Virginia native--relocated back to the D.C. metropolitan area to take on technology with an IT focus. Sepie is skilled in Windows and Mac systems--both server and desktop end--as well as networking, VOIP systems and mobile device management. He is available for freelance and contract-based work around the Portland, OR area where he now calls home.

On ideal mornings, each begin with a black cup of coffee followed by day-long cycling. The more coffee and hill climbing, the better.

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